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Tum Ho Wajah Episode 17 Review: Shahab agrees for second marriage

Airing at HUM TV Tum Ho Wajah’s main theme is shifting the burden of blame on others and it continues in the play. The serial at some places makes no sense at all, most of the characters of this play have been shown in a negative light.  Shahab is blaming Chanda for losing their child when it is him who has pushed her from the stairs! It seems so absurd that he is totally ignoring his own blunder and instead of blaming his wife.

The opening scene of this episode is when Shahab is blaming his wife for their child’s death. Not for a single moment, he has realized that it was him who has pushed his wife down the stairs which has eventually become the reason for Chanda losing her baby. Well it looks so weird and absurd and it is making no sense when Shahab blames his wife, he gets so furious that he is about to divorce her when his mother intervenes and stops him.

Well Shahab’s mother intervention here, is making no sense at all! It is she who wants Chanda out of her house and now it is she the one who has sort of saved their relationship why? Well, we know that there is no positive intention behind it. Shahab’s mother makes Chanda work like a maid in their house and more over she sleeps on the floor and wears old clothes.

One of the worst things about this play is that most of the characters of this play are shown in a negative light which brings a negative impact on the audiences as well. Babar’s wife who always claims herself as a helpless orphan turns into a negative character too. Despite her mother-in-law’s unconditional support, she is still after Sitara and her younger brother. She has made her mind that she will teach Sitara a lesson.

Chachu is still playing his game, he calls Chanda’s mother and tells her about Chanda’s situation and then he goes to meet Chanda at her in-laws’ place but there he tries to play a double game he tries to criticize Chanda’s upbringing in front of Shahab’s parents but he tells Chanda in private to be strong and to face bravely her in-laws. Shahab’s parents who like Chachu, suggest him a proposal on which Shahab agrees. When later Chanda asks him why he agrees for second marriage he tells her that she is dead for him.

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