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Ghann Chakkar Telefim Review: A whirlpool of twisted fun-filled situations

Ghann Chakkar Review!!

The much anticipated ARY Digital’s telefilm marking the comeback of actress Mahnoor Baloch on TV, Ghann Chakkar aired over the weekend.

Written by Misbah Ali Syed and directed by Muhammad Iftikhar Iffi, the Telefilm has a stellar cast of Faisal Quraishi, Hina Dilpazeer, Ijaz Aslam, and Mahnoor Balouch in pivotal roles.

As expected, Ghann Chakkar is a whirlpool of twisted fun-filled situations. Telefilm revolves around two good-for-nothing con artists types of guys Shaani and Mani and two widows who are looking forward to getting married again.

The main character the widow Zara who is the mother of two super-naughty kids is played by Mahnoor Balouch. While Ijaz Aslam is playing the role of a happy-go-lucky Alishaan who woos successfully the drop-dead gorgeous Zara.

Zara starts thinking of him as her perfect match, despite the fact that she hires him as a male nanny for her kids. Well at some points Telefilm’s scenes are loud and also some scenes seem so far-fetching and highly exaggerated. Well after all it’s a formula Eid Telefilm so it goes well with the solid performances by the veteran actors. Like other Eid telefilms, it is also about marriage and it has no reference to Eid but it makes sense as the makers set the eid holidays for its premiere. However, it does have a slight mention of the corona.

Faisal Qurashi’s performance is also on point. The way he disguised himself as an old Burger man like a suit for Khala is hilarious. The star of the show is certainly Hina Dilpazeer with her broken yet cute English mix Urdu dialogues. Ghanchakkar is not a typical formula telefilm as in the end the whole idea of Shaani marrying Zara gets flop when Zara and Khala insist for Khala and Mani’s Nikkah to be performed first. Shaani’s lie gets exposed and they have left with no choice but to flee off from the wedding scene.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, catch it here:

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