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Shahid Afridi lends support to ailing hockey champion, Mansoor Ahmed

How sad is that those national celebrities, who dedicate their lives, for the nation, end up getting neglected when they need attention/help the most. The sad reality is in fact a failure on part of our government and system.

An unfortunate case, is that of the former goal keeper of the national hockey team, Mansoor Ahmed. According to Geo News, the Olympic champion has been suffering from a heart ailment since last month and has been recommended  by the doctors to travel abroad as his heart is only functioning 20 percent while his other organs are moving towards failure. The goal keeper has been admitted in the ICU for 18 days and a part of his bill for the hospital was paid by the customs as well as by Pakistan Hockey Federation. He has also made an appeal to the Prime Minister for his ongoing treatment.


And of all people, it happens to be the heartthrob Shahid Khan Afridi, who took notice of the plight of the former hokey player and promised to help him.  Afridi tweeted, “I will always be there for our National Heroes and support them. You have made us proud and hoisted our flag internationally. Will always stand by your side in these difficult times.”

Afridi as an opener & turning different metal into gold

It is indeed a good gesture from the star cricketer to extend support to those who’ve made the soil proud. With Afridi’s care and support Mansoor Ahmed will get best treatment and we wish him a speedy recovery and a long and healthy life.

Rameeza Nasim

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