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Ayeza Khan responds to criticism over Palestine post

Ayeza Khan has responded to criticism over the Palestine post in a lengthy note posted on her Instagram handle.

Ayeza Khan drew crtisim for her approach to address ongoing Gaza crisis.

The Mein star had recently posted a message in support of Palestine after a long silence but took down the post amid backlash.

Pakistani celebrities are utilising their social media platforms to bring attention to the ongoing genocide in Palestine however, Ayeza, who has 13.2M followers on her Instagram handle, was criticised for not using her platform to speak up about Palestine.

After gaining some courage to respond to the criticism, Ayeza Khan penned a note on her Instagram handle.

“I would like to take a moment to address an issue that has been misinterpreted and circulated. I won’t attempt to justify or explain because God knows that my intentions were not malicious, but I may have failed to articulate it well,” she wrote.

She went on to add, “I take full responsibility for this, both personally and on behalf of my team. I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my statement. I appreciate you all for bringing this matter to my attention, as I, too, am only human. I take full responsibility and assure you all that nothing of such sort shall ever happen again.”

“I empathize with the pain our people are experiencing amidst this cruelty. But I feel helpless and deeply saddened when I see what is happening,” Ayeza said reiterating her belief in divine intervention, adding, “While my awareness may not bring an immediate resolution, I maintain faith in Allah in the possibility of change through prayer.”

The actor extended her apology note by insisting upon collective prayer in addition to raising awareness.

“Therefore, alongside our continuous awareness efforts, let us unite in prayer to end this cruelty. For indeed, we need Him and His divine help. My prayers are with the Palestinians,” she concluded.

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