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Feroze Khan has offered out of court settlement to ex-wife Aliza, report

Feroze Khan has offered for an out of court settlement to ex-wife Aliza Sultan it emerges on Thursday.

Feroze Khan and his wife, Syeda Aliza officially filed for divorce on 3rd September and are currently perusing  legal proceedings at a Karachi’s Family Court.

The confirmation of the development comes from Khan’ lawyer as he talked to media following the court hearing.

While talking to media, Feroze Khan’s lawyer said that an offer had been made for the out of court settlement and hoped that the cases could be wrapped up in a couple of hearings if Aliza agrees to it.

According to Aliza Sultan’s lawyer children of his clients were unable to get admission in school due to ongoing cases.

Feroze could get them admission by himself if he doesn’t not want to pay for his children’s care and education to his former wife, Aliza’s lawyer said, adding that it was the responsibility of the actor to bear the expenses of his kids.

Following couple divorce in September, Aliza Sultan has filed a petition with a family court in Karachi, seeking Rs200,000 in wake of children’ care and education expenses while her former husband Feroze Khan has offered to pay only Rs40,000.

Aliza Sultan has also claimed to suffer from physical and psychological violence during her relationship with Feroze Khan.

On the other hand, the popular actor Feroze Khan rejected the allegations terming them baseless and false.

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