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Daasi Episode-11 Review: Aaliya’s madness take her brother’s life

Sunheri reports FIR against Aahil accusing him of Mujtaba's murder!

Daasi Episode-11 ReviewIn this episode Aaliya's madness take her brother's life - OyeYeah

Daasi the drama serial running on HUM TV has taken a tragic turn. The play is very engaging but at times the story makes no sense and it seems so unrealistic. For instance, Aaliya’s madness, the way she is blinded in the one-sided love is making no sense at all. However,  Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain onscreen chemistry look perfect!

The episode begins when Aaliya takes Aahil’s name in front of her brother and it hurts him so much that he takes a pistol and tries to kill himself when Aaliya sees this she begs his brother to forgive her and she agrees to marry Aadil. Sunheri tries to convince Aaliya that her decision is good but she says that she is making a compromise. Mujtaba sees Aahil in the lane and warns him pointing pistol towards him when Sunheri comes and snubs him.


Aaliya’s wedding function is going. Mujtaba praises Sunheri for looking so beautiful but she gets offended when he sees Aahil giving flower bangle to her which she very happily wears. It makes Mujtaba mad he tries to warn Aahil and tell him to go away but he did not. Well, sensing Aaliya’s maddness he should have left. When Nikkah Khuwaa comes to proceed with Nikkah at Aaliya’s room she threatens them that she will cut her vein. She creates a lot of drama despite Mujtaba’s scolding she is not coming slow.


Mujtaba takes Aaliya out to the stage where Aadil and Aahil are sitting. He tells Aadil that he is the person who has disgraced their honour. Upon hearing this Aadil seems to be shocked but then Aaliya like a lunatic is still after Aahil talking to him, professing his love, despite Aahil’s refusal over and over. She is still madly insisting. Aahil wants to leave the place but Mujtaba comes in between and says now he has to do Nikkah with her sister on which he says that he is never going to do that and he leaves the place. Sunheri goes after him to convince him but then Mujtaba comes in a furious range with pistol in his hand and tries to threat Aahil but he gets into a rickshaw. Mujtaba fires on the rickshaw but he misses the shot and he gets accidentally hit by the car coming in high speed from behind. Mujtaba dies at the spot.


Well, actually its Aaliya’s madness which has taken her brother’s life but instead of feeling guilty Aaliya puts the whole blame on Sunheri. She blames that it is because of Sunheri that her brother has died because she deliberately did not try to convince Aahil. What a lame logic and Sunheri feels really very bad. She out of nowhere goes to Police Station and reports an FIR against Aahil accusing him of murdering Mujtaba when she herself sees him bleeding because of the accident! Aahil is shocked when he learns that it is actually Sunheri who has report an FIR against him.

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