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Kaala Doriya Episode-6 Review: Finally Mahnoor’s heart melts for Asfand

Kaala Doriya Episode-6 Review – Kala Doriya the drama serial airing on Hum TV is coming up with an interesting buildup. The story has broken its monotony and it has taken a serious turn. Performances are good except for Zainab Qayyum’s sloppy Punjabi but anyways it sounds cute. In the previous episode, the Police arrest Munna by showing a warrant. In this episode, Asfand fights for Mahnoor on the street which results in melting her heart for him.

The episode begins with Munir aka Munna getting arrested for attesting to someone who has committed a huge fraud. The police are not ready to give the bail when Baray Mian along with Shijee goes to the police Station. Baray Mian calls the other party and requests bail. The bail is finally granted on Baray Abba’s request and Munna is set free of the lockup.

The toxicity level is so high in Munna that he is considering it as a huge favor from his father telling him that ” Mai aapka Ehsaan chuka doonga”. Not for a moment, he thinks that he is his own father and thanks him by hugging him but he does not do any such kind of thing. On the other hand, Saleeqa is considering this as an insult too that his rivals have helped her husband in getting out.

Amidst all such hatred and toxicity, blooms a flower of love and compassion. Yes out of nowhere few loafers are trying to harass Mahnoor by creating an unnecessary issue out of nothing on street just to see the girls alone. Asfand jumps into the fight for Mahnoor and snubs that person telling him how dare he talk to her the way, she is her cousin and he won’t let anyone talk with her family girls like that. Asfand’s anger has melted Mahnoor’s heart towards him. It seems that hatred and jealousy have evaporated somewhere.

Asfand is driving Mahnoor’s car when Bitto Appa sees them together in the car. Well, Bitto Appa has good relations with Mahnoor and she should have realized the sensitivity of the situation but no she tells Tanno Bhabi about it. Tanno Bhabi cancels the whole program of shopping and anxiously waits for Mahnoor’s arrival. Mahnoor is offering Asfand to take her car to Lattu’s school to pick him up when she hears that he has gotten an injury. Well, we have seen Bitto Appa’s Kuku in this episode, he is not Ali Safina as we are anticipating but he is Khalid Malik and he looks good in this role. Play is getting more and more interesting.

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