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Pinjra Episode-20 Review: Abhaan finally opens up about why he doesn’t want to go home

Is Javaid feeling remorse over his conduct?

Pinjra, the ARY Digital drama serial is giving a strong message about parenting. It is a must-watch for all young parents. However, the story now seems to be unnecessarily dragged,  with 20 episodes down, Abhaan has still not come back home. The only major development in the story is that Abhaan opens up about why he doesn’t want to go back home. In the previous episode, we have seen that Abhaan clearly refused to court to go home.

Is Javaid having remorse over his past conduct? It is clearly visible that he is burdened with guilt and he breaks out while reading Abhaan’s report. However, he still does not show any advancement towards making any amends. He makes sure he goes whenever the Police call him. Adeel paying a visit to meet Khadija may have put doubts in Javaid’s mind for her but we have not seen him asking about Adeel. Well, Adeel should not have visited especially when Azaan has requested him that it is not an appropriate time to visit his mother.

One of the scenes which are quite heart-touching is where Azaan is apologizing to her mother for meeting Adeel at his studio for Abhaan. He tells her that he has given him the address he has no idea that he will actually come to visit her. It seems that Javaid has shared with her about his visit. It would have been great if we see Javaid’s expressions at that time they have cut out quite an important scene.

Azaan goes to meet Abhaan with Arsalaan but as usual, he does not want to see him. This time Azaan loses his cool and starts nudging Abhaan that why he is avoiding him. On Arsalan’s questioning, Abhaan emotionally explodes he opens up about why he does not go home and the reason is his father. He hysterically tells Azaan that he is always emotionally abused by his father by continuously comparison of Azaan with him.

This episode is highlighting a very important issue that never compares two siblings, it may lead to sibling rivalry and the child who is constantly compared is left out emotionally hurt. Abhaan feels like he is the bad son whatever he does his father disapproves of and compares it with Azaan’s. Azaan is shocked to hear that despite being a gem of a brother he has to face his younger brother’s wrath because of his father’s whimsical comparisons. Our heart goes out to the poor Azaan and Abhaan. How damaging can parents’ conduct and how do they destroy siblings’ relationships with each other because of this toxic comparison?

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