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Tabeer Episode 14 Review: Will Fate Ease Tabeer’s Pains?

Tabeer has been wining hearts since the very first  episode. We have felt Tabeer’s pain in our heart, cried with her, held her close to our heart, just because the story has affected us and moved our hearts. The plot is not only interesting but also beautiful because we feel this is the story of a girl who has burned in the pit of heartbreak and turned gold in the process.

Fawad is now desperate to save his son and this ends up taking him to Tabeer and begging her to take care of him once again. Muskaan turns out to be a shady woman and that is why Fawad didn’t want to rely on her when it came to his son.

Another development in the story is Ajju meeting Fawad and offering him his help in the matter with  greed of having some reward in form of money. The guilt which seemed to have overcome Ajju for being responsible for the death of Tabeer’s child in previous episode has now been overshadowed by his pure evil nature and greed. It seems like he is going to exploit Fawad  more in  future. We really hate Ajju and applaud Ali Safina for such a brilliantly played negative character.


For a person like Ali Safina, whom you have known to be good all your life, to portray such an evil character with so much conviction is simply outstanding.

Despite shunning Fawad at her house, Tabeer has a change of heart and returns to feed her son. Even though Fawad’s mother is suspicious at first, she is convinced after Tabeer clears why she came back to feed the child. It also seems Fawad’s mother might just have a change of heart towards Tabeer after she answers her talking about her pain and her maturity.


All is well for the time being but on a personal level,  we really feel sorry for Muskaan and her family. She has now lost  her last hope for a better and respectable future. Her inspirational husband and the cute son, their bond with each other is rather beautifully portrayed.

It seems that working with Fawad was the only chance which could have saved her from all the filth she was into. But with Tabeer now back, what will happen of Muskaan? Will she find any place to work? What role does she have to play in Tabeer’s and Fawad’s story, lets see what happens next week.

Beautifully penned down by Imran Ashraf and brilliantly directed by Aehsun Talish, Tabeer is one drama that keeps you coming back week after week. Shehzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz are simply superb, each handling their mature characters with ease. If you  compare the duo from Choti Si Zindagi to Tabeer, there’s massive improvement and amazing performances delivered.

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