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Aurat March Posters Vandalized by Angry Mob

Ahead of the event on March 8, the posters were put up by artists in Lahore

Aurat March PostersAurat March Posters Vandalized by Angry Mob - OyeYeah News

The controversy (read hatred) surrounding Aurat March is a long established fact. However, what came as a surprise this time was the hatred an artwork put up by women artists had to face in Lahore. Why if you ask? Because the artwork was made by women and talked of women!

“#AuratMarchLahore occupied the streets today to put up artwork for the #AuratMarch2020 Our artwork represents a diverse group of artists and different interpretations of what the march means to them,” said a Tweet by Aurat March Lahore.

Within hours after the mural was put up, it was torn down by angry mob (read men) who couldn’t tolerate a woman’s attempt to claim public space as she directed attention to issues that matter.

“Today we were buoyed by the love and behanchara on display today, only for it to be torn down hours later. For those who say why we march–, this is why!!” Aurat March Lahore tweeted a few hours later, showing the vandalized posters.

“If a women-made artwork can face so much hatred, how much a woman talking of her rights is despised by this society…” tweeted digital rights activist Nighat Dad.

But as it happens every time, the more you try to suppress Aurat March the more support it garners. The same happened yesterday and more and more people came forward on Twitter to support the upcoming event on March 8.


And how beautifully this tweet put up the whole scenario.

“This patriarchal society is scared of mere paintings, made by women.”

A petition has also been filed at the Lahore High Court seeking to stop Aurat March 2020.

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