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Review: Kachrachi demands that you too own Karachi

Kachrachi, grabs your attention with different raw shots of this wonderful but bleeding city. Nazar Ul Hassan, whose portrayal of a mad man (or Karachi) has won him international awards is a revelation. You feel anguish of this city in his voice and expressions.

In the past decade or so, kachra (trash) has come to represent the problems of Karachi. Despite being in their third political term, those responsible of picking up trash fail to do so. In fact, the problems have only increased.

But Kachrachi doesn’t just focus on the authorities. Rather it call on Karachites for merely surviving. Our lack of civic sense has been called out. Moreover, it looks at how all this city lacks basic amenities. It talks about the media circus as well.

In one of the introduction scenes someone throws a garbage bag in this man’s space. There is sudden anger. There is so much ‘kachra’ there any way that it becomes part of the setting. Later he talks out a piece of cloth from the bag and wears it. The short film is full of such ironies and exposes hypocrisy of various segments of out society.

Director Ali Mehdi, calls on Karachites to own Karachi and act!

Watch Kachrachi here:

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