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Taliban dig out Mullah Omar’s vehicle hidden underground

Toyota Wagon was used by the late emir to travel from Kandahar to Zabul

Mulla Omer's carTaliban dig out Mullah Omar's vehicle hidden underground | OyeYeah News

Taliban dig out Mullah Omar’s underground hidden vehicle, it emerges on Wednesday.

The Taliban recovered the personal vehicle of their former emir, Mullah Omar, which had been hidden underground for years.

According to media reports, Mullah Omar’s buried vehicle was recovered from Zabul province which was hidden by the Taliban.

Toyota wagon was used by the late emir to travel from Kandahar to Zabul province during the start of the US-led invasion.


Afghan Taliban spokesman Qari Ahmad Yousaf has confirmed that the vehicle has now been removed from the ground and it is possible that Mullah Omar had traveled from Kandahar to Zabul in the same vehicle which was hidden underground.

Regarding keeping Mullah Omar’s car in the museum, Qari Ahmed Yousuf said that he has not thought of doing so yet. Talking about the vehicle recovered from the ground, Qari Ahmed Yousuf said that it is a Corona Wagon vehicle which is called ‘Gawagai’ in Afghanistan.

A foreign media report cited that Mullah Omar’s personal car was hidden underground after the US invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11.

It also denied reports that Mullah Omar had left Afghanistan for Pakistan after the US-led invasion and added that Mullah Omar was still in Afghanistan and was residing in Zabul province.

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