Apple will not include headphone dongle with new IPhone purchase

Apple has stopped building IPhones with 3.5mm headphone jack, back in 2016. But it included the connecting dongle which connected the old headphones or hands-free with the device. Sadly, Apple claims that with the new purchase of IPhone, they won’t include dongle this time.

Apple thinks that 2 years are more than enough to adopt the phone without 3.5mm jack. With all the best features in the phone but lacking 3.5mm jack, sounds funny. In 2016, when Apple was asked why there is no headphone jack? The answer was: we can’t make a room for it. The dongle is being sold separately for $9.

Until now Apple included the Dongle as a complementary item, which is necessary for the consumer to use the old headphones/hands-free.

Apple hasn’t announced it yet, but on the site the page “WHAT INCLUDES IN THE BOX”, does not includes the dongle. So, it is just an assumption.

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