Celebrities send messages out to raise awareness against mental health and depression

Give them the attention they deserve, shares Hareem Farooq


Mental health is something not to be taken lightly. Although the suicide rate in Pakistan is increasing ever so slowly, we as a society, are not taking preventive measures to understand the reason behind it. Depression and anxiety fall into categories of mental illnesses which need to be addressed ASAP. These are medical conditions and need proper treatment.

We as a society, either consider mental illnesses a laughing stock or are non-serious about them. And falling prey to the same non seriousness and neglect of the society, another young girl, has lost her life.

Rushaan Farrukh, 24, a student of BNU Lahore committed suicide on Monday, following her battle with depression. Another young life lost and nothing could be done to save her. Rushaan jumped off the building while people made nasty comments about her from down below.

Following Rushaan’s death there has been a huge outcry from our celebrities, demanding the proper attention be paid to depression and mental health for all.


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