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Celebs and PSL 2020: Who is rooting for which team?

Check out which team your favourite stars are supporting in PSL 5.

Celebs and PSL 2020Celebs and PSL 2020 - Most of the Celebs are supporting Karachi Kings - OyeYeah News

The Pakistan Super League is happening for the first time in Pakistan and the fever has well and truly set in. Celebrities are rooting for their favourite teams just like everybody else.

Here read below to find out which celebrities are supporting which teams in the PSL 2020:

1. Maria Wasti-Karachi Kings

Renowned TV actress Maria Wasti  is supporting Karachi Kings. She said in an interview with a local TV channel that she’s excited to see the tournament’s fifth edition happening in Pakistan.”I am very excited to see the fifth edition of PSL happening in Pakistan. Waiting to see how teams have geared up for these matches and eagerly waiting for all the excitement and energy it is going to bring to the crowds,” said the actress.

2. Iffat Omar-Lahore Qalandars

Senior artist Iffat Omar is supporting Lahore Qalandars. “I am really excited about PSL. I am supporting Lahore Qalandars, like always. I wish that they do well this time and provide Lahoris something to cheer about. I wish all the best to each team and looking forward to a great tournament,” said Omar in an interview.

3. Waseem Badami-Karachi Kings

Famous TV anchor and journalist Waseem Badami is supporting Karachi Kings.  ‘Karachi is ready to show its power because Kings are landing on the pitch, I support Karachi Kings,’ said Waseem in a special message for his team.

4. Sunita Marshal-Karachi Kings

The glamorous model and actress Sunita Marshal is also supporting Karachi Kings.

5. Faakhir-Quetta Gladiators

Renowned singer Faakhir who sang Quetta Gladiators anthem “Kai Kai Quetta,” has been supporting Gladiators from day one and once again cheering for defending champions.

“I hope they’ll do it again. Go, Gladiators, do it again,” he said in his special message to the team.

6. Faysal Qureshi-Lahore Qalandars

Renowned TV actor Faysal Qureshi is rooting for Lahore Qalandars. ‘Our youngsters will be playing in grounds echoed with chants of local fans, which will be very confidence-boosting. I am supporting the whole of PSL, not just one team. I pray for the success of the event,” Qureshi said.

7. Asim Azhar-Karachi Kings

Singer Asim Azhar has his support vested in Karachi Kings for PSL 5.

8.  Areeba Habib-Karachi Kings

Gorgeous model and aspiring actress Areeba Habib is rooting for Karachi Kings this year.

The PSL inaugural ceremony will be held at National Stadium in Karachi on 20th February.

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