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Malala officially graduates from Oxford University

Malala officially graduates from Oxford University!

Owing to the COVID pandemic, in June last year, Malala had attended the virtual graduation ceremony of class 2020.

But it was a day ago that the world’s youngest Nobel Prize laureate and activist was able to make it to the University campus along with her family to celebrate her graduation ceremony.

Taking it to social media Malala shared some snippets from the day clad in black and white robes attending the ceremony.

“Some Latin was said and apparently I have a degree,” Malala captioned her post.


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Asser Malik, who tied the knot with Malala on November 9, also accompanied his wife on the big day also shared the update on social media.

“The place we first met felt a little more special on Malala’s graduation day,” Asser captioned the post.


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Ziauddin Yousafzai, Malala’s father also shared some pictures from the ceremony on Twitter.

He expressed his “joy and gratitude” while announcing another feather in his daughter’s cap.


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