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BandishS2 Episode-6 Review: The horror element of the story goes missing

The necromancer asks Farhana to bring Sameer's family's photographs

Ary Digital drama serial Bandish season 2 fails to entertain audiences with its spooky vibes. The horror element seems missing otherwise performances are too good for a decent family drama. The necromancer is giving a sinister expression that part is a bit spooky otherwise 80% of the episode is just the average story. In the previous episode, we saw Farhana going to the graveyard at midnight. In this episode, the necromancer asks her to bring Sameer’s family pictures.

Farahna has very efficiently performed that devilish task she has been assigned. She goes to the graveyard in the mid of the night. In this episode, we have seen that she sees her dead husband telling her that only she can bring him back. Well, it is a dream sequence. Then she recalls that the Peer Sahab has told her that by performing that task she will achieve certain powers.

Farhana goes to meet the sorcerer and he tells her about her anxieties and fears. He tells her that these are the mere outcomes of the practices she performs as they are related to the soul so she may face spiritual issues not physical health issues. Furthermore, the necromancer asks her to bring photographs of all family members of Sameer’s family and he also told her that she needs to perform more tasks in the future.

Salahuddin Tunio’s expressions give full sinister vibes. He gives Farhana a black cloth strap and asks her to hide it in any place at Sameer’s house. Farhana hides the cloth under the sofa and we see the cloth moving around the house transforming into a deity. Little Hooriya seems possessed by this force. It is not sufficient horror vibes we expect from a serial like Bandish it has somehow disappointed us. Bandish-1 was much spookier. Well, let’s see how the story is going to progress. This episode is lacking the horror element thus making this whole watch boring.

The guests arrive at Rabail’s house for her proposal. Rabail seems interested in her boss. She gets upset when she hears about the guest’s arrival the way Waniya is asking her to come is not at all a friendlier manner. Well as expected something bad happened so this time out of nowhere the guy when sees Rabail gets fainted. This has created doubts in Humaira’s mind about the guy’s health so she turns off the idea of this proposal. Rabail is more than happy to know that she is saved, she is involved in her boss. Overall Bandish 2 seems to be a disappointment despite brilliant performances the horror element is missing or you can say is not sufficient.

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