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Avatar sequels get new release dates

The "Avatar" sequels will now be in theaters in 2025; 2029 and 2031

Avatar sequels have got new release dates! And it’s going to be a long wait!

It was reported that Disney delayed the release dates for the third Avatar movie.

The 3rd sequel of James Cameron’s groundbreaking 2009 film Avatar will now be arriving no sooner than 2025!

Avatar 3 titled Avatar: The Seed Bearer was previously tipped for release on 20 December 2024 but has now been pushed back a year to 19 December 2025.

Meanwhile, Avatar 4, titled Avatar: The Tulkun Rider won’t be hitting theaters until 21 December 2029 – a hefty three years later than its original release date of 18 December 2026.

Meanwhile, audiences will have to wait to see Avatar 5, titled Avatar: The Quest for Eywa, for almost a new decade with a new release date of 19 December 2031, a three-year pushback from its initial release of 22 December 2028.

The second sequel of the franchise ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ has become the highest-grossing movie of 2022.

The film overtakes Cameron with his legendary blockbuster Titanic thanks to its $2.3 billion cume.

However, it is still behind of the original Avatar‘s heavy legacy, which boasts a mind-blowing $2.9 billion total – retaining its place as the biggest hitter of all time.


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