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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-19 Review: Zeeshan reads the love letter Touqeer has written to Rida

Kahin Deep Jalay the drama serial airing on GEO Entertainment is one of the most popular serials, revolving around sibling’s love and how a single negative person brings all the negativity in the house. Neelum Munir very beautifully playing the role of a simple and sweet girl who is envied by her own sister in law Shameela just because she receives unconditional love from her bothers, the kind of love which Shameela has never experienced. However, little she knows that Rida has earned this love and respect by her good manners and respect she has for her relations.

Shameela is eventually successful in kicking out Zahida, an old female servant from her house by blaming her for stealing fruit crates, which in reality Rida had returned back with the driver as Zeeshan had clearly refused to accept them. Zahida, in order to save Rida and her mother from any issue, accepts the blame Shameela has put on her and silently leaves the place.


Zeeshan’s attitude with Rida is getting worse day by day. He expresses all his frustration on poor Rida by scolding her unnecessarily. He blames her that her family is making him feel bad and status-conscious. Zeeshan tells Rida how badly Hatim has behaved with him in the office and how insulted he felt in front of all. Well, Hatim should have use the little brain that by behaving rudely to his brother in law and he is indirectly disturbing her sister’s married life.


Rida’s mother is feeling extremely lonely after Zarina’s departure. She calls Rida and asks her to visit her as she is not feeling well. Rida asks permission from her mother in law who happily permits her but poor Rida fails to contact Zeeshan as he was busy at work and he is not picking up her call. Rida is hurt to see her house environment how Shameela has thrown Zahida out of the house by blaming her for stealing fruits crates. She feels guilty because she knows that Zahida deliberately took that blame on herself just to save her house.


Fahaam is happy to see Rida but when Rida expresses that she is feeling so strange and her house environment seems so depressing, on which Shameela gets furious and she creates lots of fuss that Rida is trying to blame her, despite Rida’s apologies and clearance she starts ill-wishing her on which he gets a shut-up call from Fahaam. He clearly tells her that Rida is the most important person for him, more important than her which makes Shameela mad but she controls her behavior and makes a huge drama of apologizing to her. And later, in reality, she in a low tone warns Rida that she will have to pay for this insult. Rida and her mother is shocked to see Shameela’s double face. Zeeshan makes a lot of hues and cry not to see Rida home, he goes to bring her back but Rida has gone at outing. Zeeshan at her room coincidentally picks the book Touqeer has once gifted her on her birthday and there he finds a love note he has written for her. What a coincidence, poor Rida’s trials seems never-ending.

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