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Kahin Deep Jalay Last Episode Review: Thank God the play ended!

One of the popular drama serials with all its toxicity finally ended on Thursday night. It raises a very serious question to all the producers that by showing such negative and toxic characters on screen that too in prime time watch and by glorifying them as extremely powerful ones, perfectly manipulating every situation and then showing them enjoying miseries of others and that too for longer screen time is a healthy and positive approach for our drama industry? Summing a series running over 32 long episodes with a satisfying end would not do justice, the negative impact which these all episodes have created on the audience’s mind is much greater than the positive message writer conveys in the last episode.

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For last almost 15 episodes since Fahaam died in the play, Rida has been shown in an extremely miserable and painful state and the audience went through the same torture throughout these episodes, here my point is that is it really necessary when we already have so much depression going around then why we need to see on screens as well? such helplessness of a protagonist will eventually create more depression to the viewers but the alarming and most disturbing fact is that a huge number of people do watch such serials. Being its makers don’t you think that you are negatively influencing the minds of millions? The negative traits of Shameela are magnified to a sickening degree.


The ending is a typical one where Shameela is punished for all her sins and Rida who has shown suffering for so long for no reason has finally been rewarded with her love of life and her child whom she named after his brother Fahaam. Well, the ending is certainly very satisfying but don’t you think it is so typical. I agree that we have toxic people in real life and they do create others’ life a hell but projecting it so long with all powers and then finally summing it in the last episode with a punishment is very cliche and this is not what poor audience deserve.


I, as a drama critic, used to regularly review this serial until the episode where Fahaam died. I simply couldn’t handle the toxicity and depression this play was creating. Every time I watched its episode I feel very heavy and depressed, this is the very first time I have dropped any drama serial for reviewing as it was badly affecting my mental health. The play certainly has its positive aspects as well but the toxicity was a way too greater and overpowering.


The portrayal of the character of Fahaam has been great, showing him as a gem of a brother. The sibling’s love and Rida’s character been wonderful as well but showing her helpless for so many episodes was very depressing. Well the execution of the last episode wasn’t very pleasing, particularly Rida and Zeeshan’s union scene was a kind of too filmy. Why cannot we create dramas where characters are inspiring and strong facing real challenges and why cannot we talk about some greater ideas rather glorifying toxic characters? Thank God the play ended!

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