Twitter demands justice for Mianwali female teacher who was suspended after bringing her baby to school

Ishrat Sattar, was suspended during a surprise inspection by the DEA of Mianwali


Twitter demands justice for the female teacher in Mianwali who was fired from her job after she brought her infant baby to school.

As being reported, the teacher was suspended during a surprise inspection by the Chief Executive Officer (DEA) of Mianwali.

The teacher was identified as Ishrat Sattar, of the Higher Secondary School Harnoli located at Tehsil Piplan District of Mianwali.

According to the notification, the teacher was “found playing with her child” and has been suspended “for inefficiency and misconduct” after she brought her child to school.

The decision sparked outrage on social media as the micro-blogging website Twitter started trending with #FemaleTeacherSuspension.

Twitterati pointed out that Peshawar Additional Commissioner Sara Tawab was admired for bringing her child to work and performing her duties.


People took to social media criticizing the decision of suspension of the female teacher and demanded equal rights for all.

The social media even shared the example of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who brought her baby to the United Nations General Assembly.

the authorSamra Mazhar