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Naimal Khawar Pays Tribute to the Resilience of Women of Gaza with “Luminesce” Art Display

Artist and actor Naimal Khawar Khan has unveiled her latest masterpiece, “Luminesce,” in a remarkable tribute to the people of Gaza. This emotionally charged artwork is currently on display at HAAM Gallery, Lahore as part of Wajood-E-Zan.

Khawar, initially, “When I conceptualised it & worked on it for months, I dedicated it to the strength & beauty of the women in my life, an ode to motherhood. But as I now display it before the world, I want to dedicate it to the women of Gaza, especially the mothers of Gaza, whom we have collectively failed.”

Khawar, also said that all the proceeds generated from the sale of “Luminesce” will be channeled to charities providing essential aid to the people of Gaza. The painting is currently being exhibited at Haam Gallery in Lahore

Naimal Khawar is a visionary artist celebrated for her ability to capture the essence of human emotions and experiences through her distinctive artworks. With a commitment to creating pieces that tell stories, inspire, and provoke thought, Khawar’s work has earned her a well-deserved place in the world of contemporary art.

HAAM Gallery is a renowned art institution in Lahore dedicated to showcasing exceptional talent and supporting artists in their creative journeys. With a history of hosting meaningful exhibitions, HAAM Gallery continues to be a significant force in the art world.


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