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Alif Episode-10 Review: Qalab e Momin starts realizing his missing connection with Allah

Momina starts relating herself with Husan e Jahan


The thought-provoking drama serial Alif makes us all reflect on our lives and our missing connection with the divine source. The Veteran writer Umera Ahmed has beautifully penned down this novel Alif on which the whole story of the play is based. The story revolves around two main characters Momin and Momina and their relationship with Allah.

Qalab e Momin gets a sudden realization of his missing connection with Allah when he starts reading his own letters which he has written to Allah in his childhood. Those letters were simple letters a child can write but it is saying volumes about his strong faith in the Almighty. Qalab e Momin gets so disturbed and he starts reflecting his life and he immediately decides to visit Turkey leaving all his work and commitments behind.


Momina has agreed to work in America for further projects including the theater, it seems that she has accepted the offer her casting manager has offered her. Momina while working on the sets gets back into the reverie of Husan e Jahan where she was using her makeup pencil to do calligraphy and his father is scolding her but Husan e Jahan let her do that and that there was a dialogue between his father and Husan e Jahan where she is discussing her downfall. Momina starts relating herself with Husan e Jahan and she feels like it is her downfall.


Momina calls his father and discusses with her what is going in her mind. She tells him that she feels like she is like Husan e Jahan and also that like her, her downfall is going on which his father says that she is not like Husan e Jahan and he prays that she will never be like her. However; this conversation has also taken Momina’s father back into Husan e Jahan’s memories and he starts recalling her memories. He takes out a purse out of his old bag and starts reading some letters.


Husan e Jahan was one of the top heroines of her times, one of the best dancers but then she fell in love with Abu Talha a whirling dervish and she feels like she cannot dance anymore. Abu Talha also finds a soul connection with her. Momina’s father tries a lot to stop Husan e Jahan but he fails to stop her from falling in love with that whirling dervish, she feels like she has a soul connection with him and then the worldly desires means nothing to her.

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