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Bandhay Ek Dour Se Episode 17 and 18 Review: Story has not moved a bit

GEO Entertainment drama serial Bandhay Ek Dour Se used to be a light heart romantic comedy serial but it is now getting quite annoying. From passed 6 episodes the story has not moved a bit, in fact, it is stuck in the same situation where Omar and Roshini are secretly meeting each other and poor Maheen is silently enduring all this. Ushna Shah, Ahsan Khan, and Hina Altaf have given impressive performances but it is the supporting cast which we love the most.

The story of the play is still stuck where it was 6 episodes ago, despite airing two episodes in a week, the story has not moved forward an inch it is still stuck in the situation where Omar and Roshini are secretly meeting each other and poor Maheen is bearing all this pain alone, the cruel Omar has no idea that how badly he is crushing Maheen’s emotions.

Roshini on the other hand is such a vile character that she has literally no feeling for Maheen. She is so after her, wants to step over her, and marry Omar. She is so mean and selfish that she advises Omar that the only way they could marry is that if his own family asks him to leave Maheen and marry her and for that he needs to make Maheen bad in front of them and guess what Omar is taking this advice seriously and he even tried to defame Maheen in front of his mother but his mother snubs him for that.

Maheen’s mother and brother are wondering why Maheen seems so unhappy and dull after her marriage. Maheen’s mother thinks its because of Omar’s mother’s brutalities but Maheen’s brother says that does not seem to be the case. In fact, he is sensing that there is something wrong going between Roshini and Maheen. Well in the initial episodes Omar has shared with him that he likes Roshini when Omar was mistaken that Monas too likes Roshini but later he clears that he likes Farzeela. Then why Roshini is not ringing a bell in his mind?

Poor Maheen is silently enduring all coldness of Omar but one wonders why she is doing that? Why she has allowed Omar and Roshini to treat her like the way they want? Why she is being a doormat? Omar has married her with his will, he had the choice to say no but now what he is doing is totally wrong and she has all the right to protest. Well, she has also given Omar the option to marry Roshini but Omar also knows that it is not possible. Will Maheen let Roshini ruin her marriage like that?

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