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Daasi Episode-22 Review: Sunheri escapes from Shahabuddin’s trap

Daasi the drama serial running on HUM TV is getting more and more intense. The plot of the play somehow seems a bit flawed. Although the writer Misbah Nousheen has written an engaging story, however, at some points the plot seems flat and flawed. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s onscreen chemistry is what is the best thing about this play.

Sunheri’s mother pleads her to marry Shahabuddin, her request and reasoning itself seems so illogical that when Sunheri tries to reason her mother that why she is being so desperate to marry her off and that too with a loafer person like Shahabuddin! But her mother is senselessly and desperately pleading Sunheri to agree on this proposal, helplessly Sunheri agrees for sake of her mother’s happiness and satisfaction.


Later Shahabuddin and the Rishta Aunty were quarreling over money, as Shahabuddin is not giving her the promised amount so she tries to blackmail him and Sunheri’s mother overhears all this conversation. She has realized that it is a huge trap that Shahabuddin has set for Sunheri and now she is regretting her own decision. She tells Sunheri to run away and tell her to go to Nafeesa Aunty’s house and seek help from Aadil.


Well, one of the biggest flaws in the plot is that Aadil knows the reality of Sunheri. He knows that his wife Aaliya has plotted all this against Sunheri and Sunehri is innocent, he even regards her as his sister then why doesn’t he tell all this to Aahil? Why don’t he tries to explain to him all about the plotting his wife Aaliya has done against Sunheri? Aaliya is literally portrayed as a heartless person who cannot feel anything for her childhood sister like friend.


Aadil helps Sunheri and he takes her to Aahil’s house as Nafeesa Aunty is not in the city. Sunheri seeks refuge in Aahil’s guest house. Aahil is still not believing in her side of story and when Aadil tries to tell him what actually happened with her tonight, Aahil says that he cannot believe Sunheri as she is a liar on which Aadil does not even care to take Sunheri’s side. Aahil is taking care of Sunheri and hiding her from his mother. Whereas on the other side, Shahabuddin is getting mad on Sunheri’s mother, he is so damn sure that she is behind Sunheri’s escape. Aaliya, on the other hand, is busy cooking something in her mind as she is doubting that Aadil is with Sunheri and it is he who has helped her in escaping her wedding.

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