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Dobara Episode-6 Review: Mehru is not letting anyone come in her way

Mehru starts taking tennis training from Mahir

Dobara Episode-6 ReviewDobara Episode-6 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Dobara the drama serial airing at Hum TV is one of the progressive stories in the running. Unlike typical sister rivalry or second marriage Saas Bahu saga, Dobara is like a breath of fresh air with a unique yet heart-touching narrative. In the previous episode, we have seen Mehru and Mahir getting close. In this episode too Mahir (Bilal Abbas) and Mehru’s (Hadiqa Kiani) friendship is getting stronger and Mehru started taking Tennis classes from Mahir.

The episode begins when Mehru is busy shopping for her son’s engagement. She has chosen for her the darker shade Lehenga, in the flashback we have that Hidayatullah even doesn’t let her wear darker shades, he used to force her to wear lighter colors. Mehru is quite excited about the event but Sahir and Phupho are having issues with Mehru wearing such a darker shade even the bride is wearing a very light color.

Mahir is looking for a job, his friend has given him notice that he cannot stay with him if he is not contributing any money. Mahir has left with no choice but to call Mehru for help. Mahir opens up with Mehru telling her how desperately he is looking for a job and he asks her that if she can arrange a job for him. Mehru assures Mahir that she will soon arrange a job for him.

Mahir has told Mehru that he is a tennis coach and he can give coaching to any kid, he asks her if she has any such kid in her circle and acquaintance. The very next day Mehru shows up in the tennis club in her full tennis kit. Mahir is shocked to know that it is Mehru herself who is ready to take Tennis coaching from him. Mehru plays with him and he has realized that she has great skills. She gives her a handsome amount as fees. Mehru also invites Mahir to Affan’s engagement.

Mehru is all dolled up to attend his son’s engagement. Phupho, Sahir, and Affan are not happy to see Mehru dressed up so fancy, Phuhpo is continuously feeding Affan against her mother. Affan criticizes her mother for her heavy dress but then Mahir’s entry and his complimenting him cheer her up. Everyone was enjoying and dancing but when Mehru starts dancing all started making faces why? It is Mahir who accompanies her and they really enjoyed dancing but then Zamir and Affan are having issues with it. Affan tries to confront his mother on it but Mehru makes sure not to let anyone come in her way, she is resolute that she will live her life on the terms she needs no more dictation.

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