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Haiwan Episode 3 and 4 Review: Hameed is repenting!

Azra has lost her memory and it is a blessing for her


Another one of ARY’s dramas has come up with a social issue. This time, its nore serious and even more neglected in the society. Faisal Qureshi starrer Haiwan deals with the issue of alcoholism and how under the influence of alcohol a person commits a heinous sin and then regret it for his lifetime.

This intense story is incredibly written by Sara Sadain Syed and the play is brilliantly directed by Mazhar Moin. Faisal Quereshi, Savera Nadeem, Iffat Omer, Wahaj Ali and Sanam Chaudhry have given their best performances in this play. 

Momina and Azra are trying hard to find Masooma but there is no clue of her. Being a mother Azra has the feeling that something really bad has happened with Masooma. Azra is taking so much stress of this incident that it has partially affected her memory and it seems like this is a kind of blessing for her as her mind is now not registering that her husband is dead and Masooma is missing and it has been a month! She is imagining that her husband and her daughter have gone somewhere for vacations and will be back anytime.


Hameed, on the other hand, is in extreme guilt and remorse over the sin he has committed under the influence of alcohol. He goes to the mosque and confesses his sin to Allah and asks  forgiveness but what he need to do is that he has to beg forgiveness from Masooma’s mother and sister and he has to confess his sin in front of all but he is afraid and well aware of the consequences.


Momina on the other hand is really lonely, her content and full of life family has turned into shambles. Her father is dead, her younger sister is missing from a month now and her mother is not in her senses and she is mostly sleeping under the influences of strong medicines. Momina is really lonely but she is facing the life bravely and trying her best to take care of her mother. Momina’s neighbors are really very supportive.


Maan, Hameed’s son returns from America and shows great interest in Momina. He seems a very nice and decent guy, even brings toys for Masooma but feels very sorry when he get to know that he is missing. He genuienly wants to help them out. Maan really likes Momima and shares his feelings for her to his family, her mother is super happy but Hameed is strongly opposing this prospect. He is trying to escape from the unforgivable sin but he is surely mistaken because escape perhaps doesn’t come when you’re guilty of such heinous crimes.

What will happen next waits to be seen, but until then, you have a rather intriguing watch for your Wednesdays on ARY Digital.

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