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Malaal e Yaar Episode-26 Review: Amber fails to win Faiq back from Minhal

Malaal e Y aar the drama serial with a solid story line and interesting characters, the play is one of our most favorite Watches. The writer Hina Huma Nafees has done an incredible job in portraying the feudal class and crafting the characters particularly of Balaaj and the director Asad Jabal has very brilliantly executed it. Zain Baig and Azekah Daniel have come up with their best of performances.

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The episode begins when that pathetic Amber who has no self-respect goes to Faiq’s office, she has pissed off Faiq and despite Faiq telling her that he does not want to talk with her and their relationship is a now past thing and he has moved on, pathetic Amber is insisting that she still loves him and she cannot see him happy with Minhal. She makes a stunt of breaking the glass and getting her hand injured on which Faiq helps her out but he is clear that he does not want her back in his life.


Minhal calls Faiq and Faiq in Amber’s reverie calls her Hello Amber bolo, Minhal gets confused but Faiq realizes his mistake and he tries to cover himself by saying that Amber is one of his office clients and he is expecting his call so he thought she has called him. Amber is clearly getting on his nerves despite of hating her he cannot scratch her out of his mind. He starts talking sweetly with Minhal appreciating her and saying that she is just like what he wants in his life partner. Is he really telling this to Minhal or self-assuring himself?


Hooriya asks his father to let her sit for her Masters’ examination. However he is reluctant but then Hooriya emotionally blackmails him and then he agrees on allowing her to sit for the exams but when Balaaj sees the examination forms he gets mad that why Hooriya has not asked his permission first, he is resolute that he won’t let her study. On the other hand, he is also fearing that handling Hooriya without a degree is so difficult what will happen when she will get more qualified she will get more attitude.


Faiq’s mother fell ill, she calls Minhal for taking care of her but Bibi Jaan says that Minhal will not go alone so she asks Hooriya to go with her but Hooriya is like she has to study for her exams. So Bibi Jaan asks Amber, she refuses first but when she finds that she is going to Faiq’s place she agreed. She is acting so sweet, Minhal for the first time seeing his sweet side. Minhal takes really good care of Faiq’s mother. Faiq arrives and he is again disturbed to see Amber, he totally ignores her presence and talks with Minhal. Faiq’s mother asks Minhal to make tea for Faiq on which Ambers says that she will make it which annoys her mother. Amber is giving tea to Faiq but he rudely refuses it on which she says that she has made it with love right on that moment Minhal comes and hear this!

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