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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-10 Review: Shafaq is so devoid of self respect

Shahaan clearly refuses Shafaq that he cannot marry her

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-10 ReviewShafaq is so devoid of self respect - OyeYeah Drama Review

HUM TV’s drama serial Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is quite over the top drama serial with an ample amount of overacting done by Sonya Hassyn which seems to be deliberately done to amplify her burning desire to get rich. In this episode Shahaan clearly refuses Shafaq saying that he has no place in his house, his life, and in his heart for her but pathetic Shafaq who is so devoid of self-respect is pleading him to marry her.

Shahaan after spending a romantic rainy night with Ulfaat makes his mind that he will himself go at Shafaq’s place and will close this chapter forever. He goes to Shafaq’s place, her father so warmly welcomes him calling him my son, and then he says that he is very happy and grateful that he has decided to marry his daughter. Well, one wonders what kind of father is he? He is happy and okay with his daughter to marry a happily married man who is also the father of a son? How can he allow her daughter to ruin someone’s house?

Shahaan goes to Shafaq’s room and there he clearly refuses Shafaq that he cannot marry her. Shafaq tries hard to melt Shahaan’s heart by telling him her life story and all the traumas and tortures she has faced in her past married life. It has lightly touched Shahaan but it has not moved his heart towards her. He ends up leaving her room by saying that he is sorry for what she has gone through in her past life but he cannot marry her.

Well Shafaq has no self-respect, at this point she should have realized her mistake and step back but no she calls Ulfaat and cries her heart out in front of her, confessing her love for Shahaan saying that she cannot live without him which is actually disturbing Ulfaat. Ulfaat assures her that she will help her out and she will force Shahaan to marry her. Ulfaat tries to force Shahaan and creates a drama of leaving the house but Shahaan very wisely does not get affected by her blackmailing, he tries to stop her but when she doesn’t, he tells her to go where ever she wants he does not care. Ulfaat is shocked to see that Shahaan himself is throwing her out of the house.

Shahaan the very next day goes to Shafaq’s office room and hands her his resignation letter, clearly telling her that he has no place in his heart, his house, and his life for her. He asks her not to meet his wife in the future as he is ending all his relations with her with this resignation letter because she is disturbing his family life. Well, any girl should have died with shame and embarrassment but Shafaq who is so much devoid of self-respect is pleading him not to leave him and like a desperate woman she is trying to embrace him, Shahaan rejects all her advances and walks out of the room. Shahaan brings Ulfaat back to the house who has now learnt enough lessons.

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