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Prem Gali Ep-6 Review: Fari is Getting Hitched as Joya’s Love Remains a Secret

With every passing episode, Prem Gali is definitely becoming a good watch for people like us who have lost the appetite for too much drama. And while the lighthearted story and fun cast is amazing to watch, it’s the itsy bitsy of thrill that’s keeping us hooked.

This week we saw Fari (Anoushey Abbasi) getting hitched to a Firdous – much to her brother’s dislike for ironic reasons – and possible access for Hamza (Farhan Saeed) into Joya’s (Sohai Ali Abro) home.

Now as Fari is everyone’s sister in Prem Gali, the episode seemed festive as a potential groom visited the neighborhood. Joya on the other hand continued to protect her secret of love with Hamza as he struggled to convince his family to take a proposal to her home. Oddly enough, (Saba Hameed) also expressed the will to call Hamza to her home for Joya’s tutoring, and albeit nothing happened to materialize Joya’s dreams, she continued to daydream.

All in all a happening episode with a little bit of stalling to keep it going, but given the fun parts that add to the joy of watching Prem Gali we can ignore the comparatively slower pace.

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