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Sinf-e-Aahan Episode-1 Review: An introduction to five girls with great aspirations and one dream to join Pak Army

Sinf-e-Aahan, the much-hyped and much-awaited ISPR Production mega drama serial with an ensemble cast aired its first episode on ARY Digital. It would not be wrong to say that the play is worth the hype and it has met the expectations we have built by watching its teasers. In the first episode we have been introduced to five power girls with great aspirations and one dream, dream to join Pakistan Army and serve our Nation as a soldier. Written by Umera Ahmed, the lead stellar cast includes Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, Ramsha Khan, Kubra Khan, Syra Yousuf, Usman Mukhtar, Ali Rehman, Asad Siddiqui, and others.

The play begins with Sajal’s character Rabia Safeer who is getting ready to present herself in front of rishtay walas. Well, that proposal happens to be quite snobbish so it ends as another failed venture. Rabia seems quite depressed with these regular refusals. Her dream is to do something bigger in her life and she is capable of doing that as she happens to be a topper in her university.

Then there is a cute introduction of Shaista as a Pashtoon girl. Yumna Zaidi deserves all appreciation for putting that Pashto accent so flawlessly and it sounds so cute on her. We have seen Meerub as her sister and partner in crime. It is shown that her family is conservative Pathans and her engagement is sort of fixed. However, all she wants is to join Pakistan Army and she is resolute that she will apply no matter what happens.

Then we have seen shots of a rural area in Balouchistan and we were introduced to Pariwash Jamal played by Ramsha Khan. Her accent and her parents’ Balochi accent are also on point. Her family is in debt they have to pay a hefty amount to their Sardar. Ramsha is shown as a courageous girl. There is also Yohanabad Lahore shot where belongs our character Arzoo played by Syra Yousuf, is shown as a sweet girl and she seems to be in a relationship with a flirty guy. Arzoo also wants to join Pakistan Army. Arzoo belongs to the Christian community.

Last but not least is the introduction of the character of Mahajabeen Mastan (Kubra khan), the burger of Isloo she is an Instagrammer and her life starts and ends with social media. However, living such a superficial lifestyle she gets inspired by General Nigaar and she makes her mind that she will follow in her footsteps and will join Pakistan Army. Despite her mother’s objections, she is firm that she will apply for Army. On the whole, it is an inspirational watch and it seems a promising start of a tribute to our Women of Steel!

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