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Yunhi Episode-23 Review: Kim gets to know about Zulfi’s secret lady love

Kim insists that she still want to go back to America

HUM TV drama serial Yunhi is 23 episodes down. It’s one of its kind, a calm story, so soothing to watch which has got vintage vibes. Maya Ali and Bilal Asharaf are looking amazing together on screen. In the previous episode, we have seen that Kim despite the fact that she has developed feelings for Dawood, still wants to go back to America. In this episode, Kim gets to know about Zulfi’s secret lady love.

Daniyal is mad that his childhood engagement with Husna has ended. He calls Husna but she tells him that it’s over. Daniyal is mad at Kim because he thinks she is the reason behind his breakup. Daniyal tries to misbehave with Kim on which he gets a tight slap from his brother for misbehaving with his wife. Basharat uncle also scolds him for his misbehavior.

Iqbal is rightly penalized for spilling the beans about Surraiya to Firdous. Her bhabi is not ready to talk to her she is really angry with her. Iqbal clarifies that she had no idea that Firdous will react like this. Iqbal is really disturbed by the fact that she has made her bhabi angry. Surraiya behaves more maturely, in this case, she says that she is not angry with her phupho but insists her mother forgives her as well.

Kim and Dawood’s dynamics are really very interesting. Kim’s heart is inclining towards Dawood but she is apparently denying it. She still insists that she wants to go back to America. Dawood makes it very clear to her that he does not want to settle in America and he has never married her with that intention. He further confesses that he is kind of in love with Kim but her heart has not melted.

Kim wants to meet Zulfi, he is cooking food for her. Dada Jee’s dislike towards Zulfi makes sense but why Dawood not approving him does not make any sense. Kim really enjoys her visit to Zulfi’s place, she meets a lady Azra who calls Zulfi brother. Kim gets attached to her and there she gets one of Zulfi’s secrets. Kim asks the lady who Zulfi is so in love with. Azra is reluctant but when Kim says that she may help him out. Azra spills the beans. Kim eventually gets to know Zulfi’s secret lady love. She is none other than Iqbal. Now will Kim try to change Dada Jee’s views about Zulfi? Dada Jee has already shown some flexibility in the case of Surraiya. Will he agree to marry off Iqbal with Zulfi?

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