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Best Ladies Shirt Design in Pakistan

Read out in detail which style will suit you best.

Best Ladies Shirt Design in PakistanBest Ladies Shirt Design in Pakistan | OyeYeah News

There is no consistency in fashion, particularly in women’s fashion. Pakistani Fashion differs according to area and part of the country you are in. It is such an enormous mode that includes everything under the sun. The fashion industry always comes up with the latest and unique designs and styles. A person who loves to live according to fashion never compromises its standards. It is the wish of every woman to look unique and be the first one to carry out the perfect outfit, not only adult women but teenagers are also in this race in the present era. This article will help you to select some glamorous and stylish attires and shirts yet top for your wardrobe. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Short Shirt Design

It is one of the classic shirt styles in Pakistan. It is the best alternative whenever people get bored of long shirt designs. However, there is no era for short-length shirts as both short and long shirts designs go hand in hand from many last years as per customer’s preferences. Why it is considered short is because it is actually above the knee at least 2-3 inches but can go further as well, according to one’s choice. This style is best to carry out with ghararas, Shararas, lehengas, and bell-bottom cuts giving an astonishing look. There are various local and popular brands in Pakistan that deal with short-length shirts. Most notable of them are Khaadi, Limelight, Generation, Satrangi, Gul Ahmed, Alkaram, etc. Standing out of all is Ethnic Brand is the best crafter of short shirts and its specialty lies in short frock style.

Long Shirt Design

Long shirt style never goes out of fashion. This style has been in trend for the last couple of years. Its adaptability and versatility keep it coming back in trend. It is long because the shirt goes down all the way and almost touches the ankles. People usually carry this design in different ways according to choice. The most common way of getting this style is by having a long shirt down to the ankles, with slits on its sides, and would be fitted against the waist. This style of shirt is usually paired up with shalwars, wide-leg trousers, and leggings. This shirt design can be carried out in another way as well. A loose long shirt without slits, so all the shirt is closed all the way down. This style can be paired with almost every bottom and look perfect on every woman. Popular brands that deal with long shirt designs are numerous like Sana Safinaz, J., Nishat Linen, Limelight, and Khaadi. Among them Generation Pakistan is well-known for its long shirt style for the last two decades, as they almost always have long shirt options available in their collection.

Medium Shirt Design

Most people do not follow the trends so medium size shirts are always in. This style never goes out of fashion. All the popular brands pair medium size shirts with cigarette pants or trousers. Most people preferred to have simple medium size shirts with beautiful designs of necklines or simple necklines on floral or any digital shirts. This is the size that suits almost everyone, it doesn’t matter if someone is chubby or skinny.

Knee Length Kurta Design

Long, short, or medium shirt style has been overcome by the kurta style. Teenagers and college-going girls preferred something in style rather than simple shirts. It is uncomfortable for women of this era to wear tight-fitting dresses so kurta-style shirts have taken away that style. Pakistani culture has taken revelation around the knee-length Kurta style shirts. This style of shirt is so comfortable and has a number of choices for designs. This style tends to have loose-fitting at shoulders, and loose, long sleeves. It can be in A-line style or simple straight with slits or hemmed at the bottom. It is best paired with jeans, bell-bottoms, and shalwar as well. It fits in every environment, office, university, college, home, etc. Brands like Limelight, Khaadi, Generation, Satrangi, Nishat Linen, Alkaram crafted so many designs in Kurta style with beautiful digital and floral prints.

Slit Shirts

As discussed above, long shirts with slits on both sides can become more stunning when designers come out with slit style at the front. This style was very famous in the past and you can have it in the modern era with little variation in it. A simple long shirt will be looser than a regular long shirt, and two slits on both sides will be replaced with a single slit down the middle or a little off-center. It will give a classic design. It will also become more attractive when it is carried with straight bottoms. A simple plain shirt with a single slit at the front with a sparkly, embellished pair of trousers will make a perfect match.

Anarkali Shirt Design

In the past, the Anarkali style used to be a very popular design, and it has been revived in recent years. Every time it makes a comeback, it brings some new addition to it. It has reincarnated in a long top half, a shorter length, and now in casual shirts. Anarkali style can be crafted in kurta style, short frock style with loose palazzo, a long frock with tights, and in shirt design that can be either long or short in length. Rang Ja and Generations are the most suitable place for this style of shirt. They tweak their collection with this style and amazing color combinations.

A-line Shirt Design

Instead of going for a proper dress style shirt, why not go for a change and versatility that gives us comfort as well? A-line shirts are the perfect answer. These are fundamentally shirts that go all the way down, forming an A shape towards the hem of the shirts. This style doesn’t include any slits and is closed from all sides. This style still resembles a dress shirt but still remains a shirt. The selection of bottoms can also make them more attractive as you can go with embellished floral trousers or plain trousers or tights with them. Almost all the brands’ crafted such style shirts but most prominently J. and Alkaram adopted such style.

The Gathered Shirt Design

These shirts are full of comfort and style. This design is the fusion of eastern and western fashion trends. This design is achieved with a bodice and a gathered bottom. It is airy and comfortable because of gathers and it also provides shape because of tailored bodices. This style is also carried in long shirts as it will require 4-6 meters of fabric. With this style, you can wear the bottom of your own styles like plazzo, bell-bottom trousers and tights with short or long gathered shirts. All will make them as modest as you want them to be. Limelight, Mango and Beechtree are the popular brands for this style.

Different types of Tops

For many years Western fashion has had a strong impact on the Pakistani Fashion industry. As a result of which Pakistan clothing brands are crafting ladies’ attires, inspired with western trends, fusion with traditional shadows, to make attires that every woman wishes. Some of the trending tops are listed below:

The Fusion Top

Fusion top is the fusion of traditional and western top. It is like a kurta style but shorter in length like a T-shirt, and decorated with laces. It is perfect for those who want to wear eastern and western trends together. Limelight, Mango, and Generation are the brands where you can find the various options for fusion tops.

Tunic Tops

These are thigh-length tops that are crafted with diversity and decorated with fancy buttons and sometimes embroidery. This style of tops is shorter than normal shirts but longer than T-shirts. These tops go perfectly with jeans, trousers, shalwars, and tights.

Peasant Tops

Having a western history, this top is beautifully crafted according to Pakistani culture.  It is basically the kind of informal top with a wide neck, long and full sleeves, or can be short and puffed. It can also be designed with elastic or smocking at the waist, cuffs, and neckline. It can be worn with jeans, Bell bottom trousers and perfectly with long, loose skirts. It is very famous among teenage girls.

Poncho Tops

This top is truly western and is available in an array of different lengths. It has a loose flowy cut that makes it classy and elegant. It is formal wear and can be worn in every season of the year. Mango is the Brand that specifically deals with such styles.

All the stylish shirts and tops design has been listed above. A perfect dress increases your worth. By keeping your fashion taste up, go for the perfect attire that suits your mood and personality.


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