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Brad Pitt dishes out plot details of the Formula One Movie

Brad Pitt dishes out plot details of the Formula One Movie!

Brad Pitt and co-star Damson Idris had been busy over the weekend filming over for the Apple production during the British Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone in the U.K., driving laps around the legendary track.

The yet untitled Formula 1 film is being produced for Apple Studios and also stars Kerry Condon and Tobias Menzies.

Speaking to former British racing champion Martin Brundle, Pitt told Sky Sports: “It’s all been great. The vibe is amazing, and to get to be part of it and tell our story. The teams have opened their doors to us.”

Revealing details of his character, Pitt said that he plays “a guy who raced in the 1990s… who has a horrible crash, craps out, and disappears, then he’s racing in other disciplines. His friend, played by Javier Bardem, he’s a team owner, contacts him. They’re a last-place team, they’re 21-22 on the grid, and they’ve never scored a point. But they have a young phenom, played by Damson Idris, and they bring me in as kind of a Hail Mary and hijinks ensue. Tell you what’s amazing about it — there are cameras mounted all over the car — you’ve never seen speed, you’ve never seen just the G-forces like this. It’s really, really exciting.”

“It’s great to be here,” Pitt said of filming at Silverstone. “We’re just having such a laugh, the time of my life.”


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