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Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-2 Review: Rida is a girl who has good moral values

Rida's best friend's brother is after her

Drama - Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-2 Review

The second episode of the newly started drama serial Kahin Deep Jalay went on-air. The story of the play revolves around a sweet girl Rida who is the princess of her place, being the only sister of three brothers, she is the apple of their eyes. The play is penned down by Qaisara Hayat and it is well helmed by Saima Waseem. For the first time, we get to see Neelum Munir and Imran Asharaf as an onscreen couple.

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The episode begins when Zeeshan finally gets his savior, yes his mamoo turns to be his angel, he rescueds him and his mother, gives them place to live and moreover he arranges a good job for Zeeshan and now his life though its not like his old luxurious lifestyle but is has somehow got stable and back on track. Zeeshan is very caring towards his mother and him has not just over with his father’s loss. He is working hard to secure a good position at the new job.


Rida is a sweet and loving girl who is attending all the guests at the party where her best friend Rushna’s brother also comes with his sister as an uninvited guest and there he tries to get close with Rida, praises her for looking so pretty. Shameela catches the sight of Rida taking with Rushna’s brother and she thinks something is going between them. Well Rushna’s brother is love stuck but Rida has no feelings for him. Rida is a girl with good moral values when she finds that she is alone in the house, Rushna is not there she immediately wants to go back but when Rushna’s brother tries to stop her and he holds her hand on which she gets mad on him.


Shameela on the other hand is an exact opposite of her, she is so mean and bitter. She has no feelings that her bhabi is working all the time nor she ever thought of helping her out. She always misbehaves with her brother and bhabi and that is why she always fails to get their love. In fact, when she hears her brother talking to his wife, her bhabi and saying that she doesn’t need to leave the house, Shameela will be going to leave the house as they will marry her off soon, literally burns her. She shamelessly demands her mother to marry her off as soon as possible.


Rida’s brother Hatim who came from abroad is now thinking of settling here and he wants to do a job and start a life of his own. He join’s Zeeshan’s office and guess what Zeeshan’s boss teams up Zeeshan with Hatim for a project. Now they both will work together and it seems that Hatim will get impressed by Zeeshan and that’s how Zeeshan is going to meet his sister. Their romantic story is soon to kick off!

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