Gigi Hadid voices her support for Palestine

Gigi Hadid faced backlash on Twitter after voicing her support for Palestine. Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid is an American model, who is half Palestinian. She raised voiced her support for Palestine country after 60 protesters were killed by Israeli forces earlier this week on Monday.

The ongoing protests are in the wake of U.S embassy’s relocation to Jerusalem which coincided with the 1948 event “Al-Nakba”, when more than 700,000 Palestinians left or were expelled from their homes.

The super model tweeted an article of Al Jeezera outlining the Palestinian death toll alongside an image urging people to remember the Al-Nakba. The model then wrote, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. For me, this is not about religion or one against the other – it’s about the greed” along with the hashtags #freepalestine, #freegaza, #coexist

And later a separate tweet was followed by peace emojis.

To each tweet there came thousands of replies, from both the sides resulting in a heated debate. Gigi was kept busy replying and putting her thoughts to social media. “I didn’t call Jews greedy, but anyone who can’t look past their own ego will twist it that way. I’m saying coexistence (Palestinians & Israelis, as they once before lived…) is to not live in greed. That’s all I’d hope for. ☮️ I don’t agree with the violence from either side”, wrote Gigi replying to one of the comment.

Gigi didn’t lose the cool and kept on clarifying her point of view, “You’ll all see whatever side you want. My intent is never to further separate groups in hatred- I live my life loving everyone regardless of religion/race. So I will say again for the last time, I’m not anti-anyone. I am only pro- coexistence. That is all. #freepalestine”

And the super model wasn’t done with it, adding her final words to the ongoing heated online debate she added, “Further & finally- I’m just gunna start keeping my opinions to myself. Social media is one of the most frustrating & twisted things. Don’t be surprised when your faves drop off, it’s a double-edged sword. Everything’s taken & read the wrong way bc tweets can never show real depth”.

Gigi is not the only one raising her voice for the Gaza victims it was earlier at Cannes Film Festival when stars and film makers came forward to show their solidarity with the Palestinians. Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir led the protest rally while French Lebanese actress Manal Issa, displayed a placard, “Stop the Attack on Gaza” written over it.

Stars Show Solidarity With Gaza Victim At Cannes

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