Are Quetta Gladiators losing out in the name of team stability?

Stability, consistency, trust building (and other buzz words) via team selection is important. But to what point? This seems to be a question, team management at Quetta Gladiators grapple with each year. The continued selection of Asad Shafiq, Anwar Ali, Faraz Anwar and now Azam Khan has been included in the similar list.
Whenever, Sarfraz or any other team member talks about Quetta’s performance, they credit team camaraderie as the reason of their success. We play from the same club, we know each other’s games, we trust each etc. etc .etc. All components of a successful marriage are found. But there is a cost attached to it. Players at the club level are often not good enough at franchise cricket.
The obvious and unspoken example is Faraz Ahmed. What has been his contribution? Will he get a game this year? I distinctly, he was in and around the squad last year too (cant be sure if he was actually part of it). He can’t make it to the Karachi side in National T20s, what is he doing here? He isn’t in the emerging category, the man is 33 years old. A lot has been said about Azam Khan already. They have stuck with a struggling Asad Shafiq because perhaps his replacement is Azam Khan. They tried Asad Shafiq as their opener last year too and it didn’t really work out. The failed experiment was repeated this year again.

And that brings me to Anwar Ali. A willing worker, perhaps Pakistan’s best field, one trick pony batsman, and mediocre as a bowler. He is picked as one of the primary picks. Granted his fielding is absolutely outstanding but his contributions in the other facets of the game leave a lot to be desired. Much like, Faraz Ahmed, Anwar Ali isn’t really a work in progress. There isn’t much room to grow his game.


While the core of Quetta remains solid, the fringes don’t add up. It’s down to Lahore Qalandars (and Karachi Kings) being so poor, competition wasn’t very tough in the 1st two years. Multan Sultans have made a commanding entry into the PSL and Karachi Kings are top of the tree currently. If Quetta’s match winners don’t come to the party, the players on the peripheries selected due to familiarity might be exposed.

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