Ramadan Calendar 2021 in Pakistan

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Ramadan Calendar 2021!

Ramadan also written Ramazan, Ramzan, and Ramadhan; is the ninth month of the Islamic year. This month is regarded as the holiest month among all other months in Islam. Defining its virtue our beloved Muhammad (S.A.W) said that Shaban is my month and the Holy Ramadan is the month of Allah. Keeping its importance in view, the month should be spent in prayers.

Pakistani Muslims observe the practices of self-restraint and self-discipline during the month of Ramadan. It is common to go on with the day-to-day routine during the daytime.

RamadanDateDaySehri (Hanafi)Sehri (Jafaria)Iftar (Hanafi)Iftar (Jafaria)
114-Apr-21Wed4:51 am4:42 am6:55 pm7:04 pm
215-Apr-21Thu4:50 am4:41 am6:55 pm7:05 pm
316-Apr-21Fri4:49 am4:40 am6:56 pm7:05 pm
417-Apr-21Sat4:48 am4:39 am6:56 pm7:06 pm
518-Apr-21Sun4:47 am4:38 am6:57 pm7:06 pm
619-Apr-21Mon4:46 am4:37 am6:57 pm7:07 pm
720-Apr-21Tue4:45 am4:35 am6:57 pm7:07 pm
821-Apr-21Wed4:44 am4:34 am6:58 pm7:08 pm
922-Apr-21Thu4:43 am4:33 am6:58 pm7:08 pm
1023-Apr-21Fri4:42 am4:32 am6:59 pm7:09 pm
1124-Apr-21Sat4:41 am4:31 am6:59 pm7:09 pm
1225-Apr-21Sun4:40 am4:30 am7:00 pm7:09 pm
1326-Apr-21Mon4:39 am4:29 am7:00 pm7:10 pm
1427-Apr-21Tue4:38 am4:28 am7:01 pm7:10 pm
1528-Apr-21Wed4:37 am4:27 am7:01 pm7:11 pm
1629-Apr-21Thu4:36 am4:26 am7:02 pm7:11 pm
1730-Apr-21Fri4:35 am4:25 am7:02 pm7:12 pm
1801-May-21Sat4:34 am4:25 am7:03 pm7:12 pm
1902-May-21Sun4:33 am4:24 am7:03 pm7:13 pm
2003-May-21Mon4:32 am4:23 am7:04 pm7:13 pm
2104-May-21Tue4:31 am4:22 am7:04 pm7:14 pm
2205-May-21Wed4:30 am4:21 am7:05 pm7:14 pm
2306-May-21Thu4:29 am4:20 am7:05 pm7:15 pm
2407-May-21Fri4:28 am4:19 am7:06 pm7:15 pm
2508-May-21Sat4:28 am4:18 am7:06 pm7:16 pm
2609-May-21Sun4:27 am4:18 am7:07 pm7:16 pm
2710-May-21Mon4:26 am4:17 am7:07 pm7:17 pm
2811-May-21Tue4:25 am4:16 am7:08 pm7:17 pm
2912-May-21Wed4:24 am4:15 am7:08 pm7:18 pm
3013-May-21Thu4:24 am4:15 am7:09 pm7:18 pm

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