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Bewafa Episode-14 Review: Kinza starts trusting Shireen

Bewafa the tale of Betrayal moves around three main characters, Aahan a very loving and caring husband who cares a lot for his wife Kinza, eventually gets honey-trapped by his own colleague Shireen and he is blinded with her love. Moreover; Shireen plays her cards very smartly and she is successful in winning Kinza’s trust too. The play is brilliantly written by Radain Shah.

Kinza starts trusting Kinza in her personal and Hashir’s matters too, she herself allows her to go to the office and to visit Hashir’s parent-teacher meeting as she has an appointment. Aahan’s mother tries to tell Kinza not to blindly trust Shireen and by doing that she will create problems for herself but Kinza says that she cannot afford to make Aahan angry.


Aahan’s mother is still angry at Shireen, she has fully understood Shireen’s reality. She knows that she is not like what she pretends to be. She tries to tell that to Aahan but he is blinded by her love so much so that he is not ready to believe her mother. He tries to clear her mind for Shireen but Aahan’s mother has fully understood her. Aahan’s mother is also disturbed to see kinza blindly trusting her and getting close to her. She thinks that by doing that Kinza will damage her own position in the house


Aahan is so blinded with Shireen’s love that he starts disbelieving his own very close friend. His old and close friend also warns him about Shireen over and over but he gets mad on him as he thinks that he is insulting his wife. Shireen is so clever that she has sensed that Aahan’s friend is against her so she lies about him that she has read an email about him that there is a complained filed against him in the head office. Aahan is so blinded that he without even confirming this news, orders transfer for his friend to another city.


Shireen is trying her best to win Kinza’s trust and she is successful in it too. Poor Kinza his own family, his sister in law who happens to be her friend is not ready to let her stay in her house for a moment, in these circumstances Kinza has no choice but to adjust with Shireen and in order to make Aahan happy and win his love back she needs to behave nicely with Shireen but now it seems that she has started trusting Shireen blindly and she gets trapped by her all good and sweet talks. Poor Kinza is not aware that she is on the path of her self destruction. Her position in her house is getting weak.

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