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Daasi Episode-16 Review: Life is really tough for Sunheri

Shahabuddin is now crossing his limits

Daasi Episode-16 Review:In this episode Life is really tough for Sunheri - OyeYeah News

Daasi the drama serial on airing on HUM TV is one engaging drama serial, written down by Ishq Tamasha famed writer by Misbah Nousheen. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are for the first time playing as an onscreen couple and their onscreen chemistry looks great. The play has turned very intense and depressing as life is getting tougher and tougher for Sunerhi.

Aahil clearly refuses to attend Aadil and Aaliya’s wedding, it seems that he has not believed what Aaliya has said nor he has any soft corner for that girl. Aadil is insisting in a very friendly way that Aahil should attend his wedding moreover Aahil’s mother too is insisting him to go maybe apart from disliking Aaliya, Aahil is not willing to attend because he does not want to go there and he does not want to face Sunheri. Well, little he knows that Sunheri is not invited at all.


Aaliya is so vile that she invites Sunheri’s mother at his wedding but she clearly does not invite Sunheri. Like she is jealous of Sunheri because Aahil likes her but now she is marrying Aadil and she has made sure that Sunheri and Aadil will not go along but still, her hatred for Sunheri has not lessened. Moreover Shahabuddin also sees Aaliya and he gets to know that Sunheri’s only friend has also abandoned her.


Sunheri is going for her job interview and her path crosses with Aahil, she gets in front of Aahil’s car. Then she gets in the same office, not knowing that she has applied in his office, she backs out when she see Aahil there and Aahil too sees her. Touqeer’s niece Irma is after Aahil, she is trying her best to get close to him. She has taken his uncle’s advice too seriously or maybe she herself getting interested in Aahil.


Shahabuddin crosses his limit one night, in intoxication he professes his love for Sunheri on which Sunheri gets really scared and locks herself up. The next day she shares this with her mother who believes her and she tells Shahabuddin to stay at his friend’s place in a very nice way, but Shahabuddin has understood that Sunheri has complained about him. He snubs Sunheri and threatens her not to go against him. Sunheri’s mother test reports are not positive, she has tumor and for that she needs money. Aahil sees a dream in which Sunheri is burning in fire and seeking his help calling his name, the dream has somehow disturbed Aahil but he rejects all her thoughts. Life is getting tougher and tougher for Sunheri.

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