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Mere Humsafar Episode-31 Review: Hamza is not letting go Hala

Ary Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar is one of the most popular drama serials in terms of its views but as a story, it is too dragging. Hala’s prolonged silence and then speaking up partial truth is now getting on our nerves. Performances are best as usual. In the previous episode, we have seen that Hala reveals Khurram’s reality in front of the whole family. In this episode, Hamza is neither letting Hala go nor he is accepting her the way he used to be as his wife.

The charm of the play was Hala and Hamza’s romance. Their chemistry is what literally carried the whole drama since when bitterness has come into their relationship many of us lost interest in the play. Well, I am only watching hoping to see their reunion.

When Hala has spoken about Khurram and by the way she has not told the whole story, it maddened everyone in the house. Shahjahan is after Hamza to divorce her but Hamza clearly tells everyone that he is not going to leave Hala. He is not letting Hala go nor he is ready to accept her as his wife the way he used to. What does it mean has he fallen out of love or he is just hurt?

Raees is playing his own game. He is now worrying that Nafees will demand his share in the house. Raees wants to name the house against Hamza. Well, how come Raees can name the house after Hamza Jalees and Nafees has their shares too? Raees assures Hamza in private that he is with him when he tells him that he does not want to leave Hala. On the other hand, he is playing with Nafees by telling him that he will try to convince his son not to leave Hala.

Hala is not at all trying to clear her side by telling Hamza the whole story. It seems that she has given up all hopes. However, she does not let Hamza leave the room and it is a cute scene. Hamza is being out of character and it is so un hero-like not to give Hala a single chance. The ending scene at the grave of Dadi is so heart-touching when Hala says “Rul gaee hay aapki Hala” Hamza is silently listening to all this why his heart is not melting for Hala? We so wanted to see them reconcile. Let’s see what happens.


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