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Sha Posh – Pakistani fashion brand revolutionizing ready to wear clothing line concept

The highly skilled tailors of Sha Posh ensure the production of the finest quality.

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Sha Posh, the leading fashion brand is revolutionizing the ready-to-wear clothing line concept in Pakistan.

With its production facility and the fabric processing facility located in Gujranwala, Pakistan, Sha Posh Headquarters serves as the main production facility to produce its outfits all the way from design conception to mass production. It is fully equipped with the latest tools, fabric processing facilities, and warehouses.

Here is a look at the facilities provided by the Sha Posh Headquarters.

Production Facilities:                                                       

  • Digital Printing.
  • Screen Printing
  • Block Printing.
  • Hand Embroidery.
  • Machine Embroidery.
  • Computer Controlled Machined Embroidery.
  • Cutting Unit.
  • Stitching Unit.
  • Quality Control Unit.
  • Packing Unit.

Fabric Processing Facilities

  • Washing.
  • Drying.
  • Dyeing.
  • Coating.

The facilities given by the Pakistan top brand Sha Posh can be perceived how they are serving their clients with a number of establishments. Because of that, they are a top brand and consecutive best attire brand, winners.

tailors of Sha Posh

Discussing the texture that Sha Posh gives the pre-processing and the post-processing of the texture assumes a significant part to deliver excellent material items. Sha Posh’s craft of covering machines empowers them to create fresh plans, forestalls shading draining, and guarantees excellent completing of items Sha Posh offers its items in different texture types as indicated by the season, patterns, and events.

Sha Posh presents their varieties of cloth in different styles while having a look at the nature of the cloth and treating them accordingly.

Sha Posh’s cotton lawn is a lightweight and breathable fabric along with a smooth texture. Which is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Their linen has a natural luster and widely used in the fashion world. They use this fabric for Autumn Collection. Looking at Khaddar, it is a hand-woven fabric primarily made from

Cotton and wool. They utilize this fabric to design their winter collection as it keeps their customers warm. Viscose is being used to design all sorts of season dresses.

French clothing is likewise being utilized to make various dresses that can be utilized in parties, flowing dresses, and bridal wears that cloth is Chiffon, where chiffon implies cloth in French that is an extremely lightweight texture with a sheer and transparent appearance alongside a charming radiance.

Mentioning more fabrics here Sha Posh uses Raw Silk or Natural Silk to improve the durability of the fiber and the processed version is known as Raw Silk. Which has a rougher surface than traditional Silk. The sparkling grace of this fabric is blessed with a magnificent fall that is used to design charismatic outfits like Lehngas and Skirts.

Last but not least Sha Posh also uses Jacquard this fabric features patterns that are knottily woven instead of printed or embroidered onto the fabric. Contemporary jacquard fabrics are made from a variety of fibers including natural cotton, silks, and polyester.

Sha Posh has an in-house facility of automated embroidery machines. These machines come into play for perfection in every stitch and mass production in lesser time. With a large working area and multiple heads, the machines produce embroidered patterns of multiple dressers at a time. Although they are into the era of automation, still there are some designs that involve very delicate skills.

tailors of Sha Posh

tailors of Sha Posh

The highly skilled tailors of Sha Posh ensure the production of the finest quality. Also, their prestigious embroidered collection is embellished by very carefully assorted decorative elements to produce artistic designs on a variety of different fabrics.

embroidered dresses

The attractive hand embroidered dresses are designed by our most experienced tailors. Which involves the finest quality fabric, threads, beads, and other ornamental elements. It takes a lot of effort and time to produce such designs. Sometimes it requires days to make a single masterpiece.

This is the latest innovation in the textile industry. They use this technology that enables us to print almost any design on an extensive range of fabrics. The fabric is first pretreated with the necessary procedures to make it suitable for printing.

Screen Printing prints

The Screen Printing prints can only be realized in house screen printing facility. Each color of the print needs a separate screen. Workers ink up the screen with approved colors and produce customer’s favorite prints. Automated machinery helps to maintain the quality and ensures high production volumes in less time.

art of block printing

Also, the art of block printing is famous for centuries in sub-continent regions. Sha Posh is also using this method to craft exclusively wooden art blocks to print exquisite patterns for their customers. Their prints are celebrated for excellent craftsmanship, subtle colors, and new designs.

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