Kahin Deep Jalay

Kahin Deep Jalay Episode-7 Review: Zeeshan has fallen in love with Rida!

Kahin Deep Jalay, the drama serial running on Geo TV which revolves around sibling love. The story of the play moves around a very lovely and innocent girl Rida. The highlights of this episode are that Zeeshan is madly in love with Rida ever since he laid his eyes on her and Shameela is showing her true colors after her wedding.

The episode begins when Zeeshan and Rida’s eyes meet and Zeeshan instantly madly falls in love with her. It seems like she is knocking into his heart. Rida is not aware of the fact that Zeeshan is constantly looking at her in the function but it seems that she has liked him too. Zeeshan’s mother likes Rida too, her innocence has touched her heart. They are now wondering how will they send her proposal should they talk with Hatim or her mother?


Shameela after wedding rituals goes to her in-laws’house and Asim, as usual, is in his jolly mood doing lots of fun stuff but Shameela loses her cool that too in front of every one, and says that she is really tired and want to go to her room. Faham has really mind her attitude but then his mother tries to convince him that she must be tired. She expresses his reservations on the behavior of Shameela, she apologizes and she says she will try not to do that again.


The very next day of the wedding Shameela shows her true colors, she says to Faham that the dress Rida has selected for her is not worth wearing then she makes an issue that why Khala has stopped Salman Bhai from bringing her breakfast. Rida’s mother has made a lot of stuff in the breakfast but she comes after a lot of time in her white dress saying that she is not well and will have breakfast in her room. Faham is really disappointed by Shameela’s attitude he tries to express it too but once again Shameela apologizes and says that she will take care.


Rushna’s brother is really heart broken after Rida’s refusal. When after the wedding her mother suggests Rushna that she wants to make Rida Tauqeer’s bride, Tauqeer straight forwardly refuses this idea. Her mother and sister are so concerned for him, her mother is cursing the girl who has refused his son not knowing that it is the same Rida who she wants to make her daughter in law. Touqeer’s mother expresses her concern too when Rida comes to meet her mother, she once again cursed the girl who has refused his son and says that may she never get peace in front of Rida!

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